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Confidence – I wish I had some.

Growing Confidence



Whether it’s at work, school or in a social context, we need confidece. We all want it but very few of us have it in abundance, especially when we really need it.

We can show you ways to improve your levels of confidence and how to build higher under your own steam

Is your child a Future Sporting Legend?

Sports Coaching

Sports coaching can be approached from several different directions. Most commonly, sports coaches are linked with preparing the body. We are solely focussed on preparing their minds.

Look at any Formula 1 driver when he’s in the cockpit just before he goes out for that last minute bansai qualifying lap or the boxer who’s trying to outstare his opponent. They are focused and ‘in the zone’.

We will work with your child to put them in the same place.


When you do your best, you can always do better!

Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith

Try this excersize

Get some blue-tack or a post-it-note or something sticky, then find yourself a high wall (in a room may not be high enough.) The external wall of your house would be good.
Now, with your very best effort, leap as high as you can and stick whatever you have to the wall.
Stand back and admire how well youv’e done. Now get another sticky and try to beat it.
Well? Beat it didn’t you. 99 times out of a 100, we are able ‘to beat our best’. The human mind is an amazing place and infinately complex.
Fortunately, we know how to access the corners of the mind that you think you can’t access and free them to allow you to realise goals and ambitions you thought were out of your reach.