Kris King and John La Valle at Practitioner TrainingKris King and Paul McKenna at Easy Weight Loss Training

Kris King and John La Valle at Practitioner Training. Younique Solutions is a company that provides a unique mix of solutions to issues that you have in daily life; personal, social, business, lifestyle, work-life balance, private. From improving your memory, to running a marathon or reducing back pain to becoming a star Sales Person, we can help you.Our highly trained and qualified Coach, Kris King, can use as many of her skills as are necessary to help you achieve your goals. She has trained with the leaders in the industry such as Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, John La Valle.


Among many of Kris’s skills, she is an advanced NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programmer)¬†practitioner and as such, is regularly needed of Richard, John & Paul’s courses to assist them to teach people attending the courses, sometimes as many as 1,500 attendees. Kris is now in charge of all the other assistants for registration You just have to want to achieve them. If you do, then we can.

We are based in Coulsdon in Surrey. Our generally customers come to us for our help but on certain occasions that require it, we will come to you.

Kris has been an active practitioner and coach for over 7 years and helps both children and adults. Although most of her work is on a one-to-one basis, she also does group coaching and seminars. Her expert range of skills can help in many different situations. Her specialty is working with children. These include:


Sports Coaching

Exam Preparation


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